The Ultimate Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card Guide

As Trevor Lawrence develops before our very eyes in the NFL into a top their QB his Trevor Lawrence rookie cards are hotter than flapjacks at a lumberjack convention and for good reason as he is developing into a franchise NFL QB before our very eyes.

Lawrence played college ball at the University of Clemson, winning a National Title as a Freshman in 2018 after tossing for a combined 674 yards and six touchdowns in playoff wins against Notre Dame and Alabama.

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It was no surprise when the Jacksonville Jaguars then drafted him with the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, as he was touted as one of the top QBs ever to enter the draft.

Trevor Lawrence Rookie Year Stats: 3641 passing yards | 12 passing TDs | 17 interceptions | 71.9 QBR

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However, not all things were peaches and cream for Mr. Lawrence upon entering the league.

His first season was rocky, to say the least, for various reasons, but at times he gives us a glimmer of hope with his playmaking ability and that stellar arm.

Trevor Lawrence on Social Media: IG @tlawrence16 | Twitter @trevorlawrencee

In year two, under a new coach and offensive system, he has already seemed to have mastered the league posting a 103 QB Rating through his first three games.

Some may still question his greatness.

Not us.

We are all in on Trevor Lawrence and have been loading the bus up with his rookie cards over the last eight months and do not plan on stopping any time soon.

Top 10 Trevor Lawrence Rookie Cards

So without further theatrics, here are our top 10 Trevor Lawrence rookie cards that will have you laughing all the way to the bank over the next few years.


2021 Trevor Lawrence Prizm Rookie Card #331

2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Prizm RC #331

We love base Prizm rookie cards in football and basketball as they often offer the maximum return on investment over the long term. On top of the stellar ROI, the Prizm cards are always available in various high-ed parallels. So if you’re looking to spend some significant cash, you can do so with a Prizm Shimmer parallel.

Do you own the Prizm Trevor Lawrence rookie card? You bet! We currently own four at a PSA 10 grade and three at a BGS 9.5.

If your looking to get the most Trevor Lawrence RC bang for your buck, the Prizm base RC is your jam.

2021 Prizm Parallels: Black and Red Checker Prizms, Black and White Checker Prizms, Disco Prizms, Green Prizms, Green Ice Prizms, Lazer Prizms, Light Blue Prizms, Neon Green Pulsar Prizms, No Huddle Prizms, Orange Ice Prizms, Pink Prizms, Purple Pulsar Prizms, Red Prizms, Red Ice Prizms, Red/White/Blue Prizms, Silver Prizms, Snakeskin Prizms, White Sparkle Prizms, Orange Prizms (/249), Purple Ice Prizms (/225), Blue Wave Prizms (/199), Hyper Prizms (/175), Red Wave Prizms (/149), Purple Prizms (/125), Blue Ice Prizms (/99), No Huddle Blue Prizms (/79), Green Scope Prizms (/75), Orange Wave Prizms (/60), No Huddle Red Prizms (/50), Purple Power Prizms (/49), No Huddle Purple Prizms (/35), Red Shimmer Prizms (/35), Blue Shimmer Prizms (/25), Navy Camo Prizms (/25), Forest Camo Prizms (/15), No Huddle Pink Prizms (/15), Gold Prizms (/10), Gold Shimmer Prizms (/10), Gold Vinyl Prizms (/5), Green Shimmer Prizms (/5), No Huddle Neon Green Prizms (/5), Black Finite Prizms (1/1)


2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini National Treasures #156

2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini National Treasures #156

Are you looking to grab the most significant amount of money when investing in Lawrence in terms of dollars to dollars? The National Treasures RPA /99 Lawrence RC is your card.

Not only should this card have a solid ROI, but the amount of dollar-to-dollar gain will be the largest of all his cards.

For example, his Prizm RC gains 40% ROI and sells for a profit of $250, while the National Treasures gains 30% but sells for a profit of $5,000.

Buy this bad boy if you have the bank and believe Trevor is the next legendary NFL QB. You will profit nicely.

2021 National Treasures Parallels: Purple (/49), Holo Silver (/25), Stars and Stripes (/25), Midnight (/20), Green Jersey Number (/16), Holo Gold (/10), Stars and Stripes Blue (/10), Black (/5), Red Brand Logo (/2), Stars and Stripes Red Brand Logo (/2), Platinum (1/1), Printing Plates Black (1/1), Printing Plates Cyan (1/1), Printing Plates Magenta (1/1), Printing Plates Yellow (1/1), Red (1/1), Red Laundry Tag (1/1), Stars and Stripes NFL Shield (1/1), Stars and Stripes Red Laundry Tag (1/1)


2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Contenders RC #101

2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Contenders RC #101

Look no further if you are looking for a Lawrence autograph card with the top ROI. The Trevor Lawrence Contenders Rookie Ticket RC is another solid investment option that rivals the ROI of the Prizm base card in football cards. Usually, the Prizm base RC will win out, but occasionally we have seen with Rookie Ticket card have the better ROI.

Unlike the Prizm, you cannot purchase the Contenders Base RC on the cheap as even the base card has an autograph on it.

The Contenders Rookie Ticket card is an excellent option for autograph hounds who desire a top-tier ROI.

Contenders Parallels: Silver, Red /175, Blue /99, Orange /50, Green Pulsar /30, Purple Pulsar /26, Cracked Ice /22, Red/White/Blue /13, Gold /10, Nebula /2, Gold Vinyl /1, Printing Plates Black /1, Printing Plates Cyan /1, Printing Plates Magenta /1, Printing Plates Yellow /1


2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Flawless RC #101

2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Flawless RC 101

The Panini Flawless brand is BIG TIME in the world of football cards. Although rare, we have witnessed high-end, low-numbered Flawless parallels come close to reaching dollar amounts close to the National Treasures RPA /99 rookie cards.

Want an example?

The 2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Flawless Nike Swoosh Jersey Patch RC sold for a mind-blowing $28,950 via eBay auctions on 7/10/2022.

As you can see, we’re talking about some significant coins here.

However, in our opinion, if you’re looking to spend that amount of money, you should attempt to purchase a Trevor Lawrence National Treasures RC.

Often, the NT /99 RPA cards are not up for auction, so in many cases, it’s best to invest in a Flawless RC rather than wait months for a National Treasure to appear on the auction block.

2021 Flawless Parallels: Sapphire (/15), Diamonds (/10), Emeralds (/5), Aquamarine (/2), Platinum (1/1)


2021 Trevor Lawrence Donruss Optic Rated Rookie RC #201

2021 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie RC #201

Donruss is historically one of the most popular brands in football cards since Panini gained the exclusive license. The “Rated Rookie” design has been a classic since the 1990s, offering several parallels at various values.

The Donruss Optic Lawrence RC is an excellent option for buyers looking to spend a moderate amount of their bank and still receive a solid ROI assuming Lawrence lives up to expectations.

So, in other words. Choo Choo! All aboard the Optic train!

2021 Optic Rated Rookie Parallels: Blue Hyper, Blue Scope, Bronze, Fire, Freedom, Green Velocity, Holo, One Hundred, Pink, Purple Shock, Red Hyper, Red Mojo, Red Stars, Rocket, Stars, Teal Velocity, White Sparkle, Aqua (/299), Wave (/299), Orange (/199), Blue (/179), Silver Circles (/125), Red (/99), Orange Scope (/79), Pink Velocity (/79), Purple (/50), Lime Green (/35), Black Pandora (/25), Ice (/15), Purple Stars (/15), Gold (/10), Green (/5), Black (1/1), Gold Vinyl (1/1)


2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini KABOOM! RC #41

2021 Trevor Lawrence KABOOM! RC #41

Panini has hit the jackpot with the KABOOM! brand of cards. The KABOOM! rookie cards are insanely popular within the sports card hobby community and receive enormous bids when placed on the auction block.

It wasn’t always this way. Upon initial release, some, mainly the Twitter tear-down crowd, were particularly harsh regarding the new/wild design. Lame, childish, and too busy were phrases that negatively describe the KABOOM! cards.

Eventually, cooler heads prevailed, and the community not only accepted the cards but became the most sought-after.


2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Origins RC #101

2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Origins RC #101

Parallels: Red /299, Orange /175, Blue /79), Silver /79, Turquoise /25, Purple /17, Gold /10, Green /5, Pink /3, Black /1, Printing Plates Black /1, Printing Plates Cyan /1, Printing Plates Magenta /1, Printing Plates Yellow /1


2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Mosaic RC #301

2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Mosaic RC #301

The Mosaic brand of football cards is relatively new to the hobby, but they are undoubtedly one of our favorites.

Not only are they cheap as far as packs of cards go nowadays, but they run DEEP with high-end parallels and have a terrific ROI to boot.

Mosaic is your bag if you are in the market for Trevor Lawrence rookie cards but at the lowest price. Plus, they seem to hold up exceptionally well to PSA grading. We purchased a lot of ten 2021 Panini Mosaic Trevor Lawrence rookie cards numbered 301. After waiting a few months for the magical PSA grading process, we received 7 PSA 10 grades, 2 PSA 9 grades, and 1 PSA 8 grade. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

2021 Mosaic Parallels: Blue Reactive Mosaic, Camo Pink Mosaic, Camo Red Mosaic, Genesis Mosaic, Green Mosaic, Honeycomb, Mosaic, Orange Reactive Mosaic, Peacock Choice Mosaic, Red Mosaic, Red and Green Choice Mosaic, Silver, Silver No Huddle Mosaic, Yellow Reactive Mosaic, Blue Mosaic /99, Fusion Red and Yellow Choice Mosaic /80, Blue o Huddle Mosaic /75, Purple No Huddle Mosaic /50, Purple Mosaic /49, Orange Fluorescent Mosaic /25, White Mosaic /25, Pink No Huddle Mosaic /20, Gold Wave Mosaic /17, Blue Fluorescent Mosaic /15, Green Swirl Mosaic /11, Pink Swirl Mosaic /11, Gold Mosaic /10, Gold No Huddle Mosaic /10, Green Fluorescent Mosaic /10, Pink Fluorescent Mosaic /10, Red Wave Mosaic /9, Black Gold Choice Mosaic /8, Black Mosaic /1, Black No Huddle Mosaic /1, Nebula Choice Mosaic /1


2021 Trevor Lawrence Downtown RC #DT-33

2021 Trevor Lawrence Downtown RC #DT-33

The Trevor Lawrence Downtown rookie card provides a great mix of fun and art. Downtown cards always pack the heat in terms of bold colors in combination with images that are related to the team and city in question.

The 2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Downtown Rookie Card is numbered DT-33 and features a multitude of Jaguars perched along the “Jacksonville Landing”. We have never visited Jacksonville but one would imagine finding a tall, frosty beer is not an issue at this “landing”.


2021 Trevor Lawrence Color Blast RC #CB11

2021 Trevor Lawrence Color Blast RC #CB11

The Panini Color Blast rookie cards are SICK with a capital S (as you can see). They are right up there with the KABOOM! and Downtown cards in terms of unique design plus color scheme.

Some question if these types of cards will hold up well over time.
We don’t.

The only negative is that the Color Blast rookie cards won’t have the ROI of a base Prizm or Contenders (although it will still be solid), but it makes up for their beauty.

If you are looking to invest in a Trevor Lawrence rookie card with a solid ROI and, at the same time, hang it on your mantle, the Color Blast brand is an excellent choice.

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Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card Checklist

Here is a checklist of his most popular rookie cards. Please note we left of the cards already mentioned above.

2021 Donruss Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #251
2021 Playoff Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #201
2021 Panini Phoenix Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #101
2021 Panini Illusions Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #59
2021 Panini Chronicles Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #47
2021 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Trevor Lawrence RC Autograph #101
2021 Panini Spectra Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card /149 #136
2021 Panini Impeccable Trevor Lawrence RC Auto Helmet-Patch /75 #101
2021 Panini Obsidian Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #101
2021 Panini Gold Standard Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #101 /99
2021 Panini Playbook Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #101
2021 Clearly Donruss Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #51
2021 Panini Encased Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #10
2021 Panini Origins Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #101
2021 Immaculate Collection Trevor Lawrence RC Auto Patch /99 #101
2021 Limited Trevor Lawrence RC Auto Patch /99 #101
2021 Panini Black Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card #101
2021 Panini Eminence Trevor Lawrence RC Autographs /10 #23


Trevor Lawrence Rookie Card Values

The most expensive Trevor Lawrence football card is the 2021 Panini National Treasures RPA /99 RC. This bad boy will not appear often but financial savoy alternative investors will make a bid when it does make an appearance.

Recent Trevor Lawrence RC High Dollar Sales

Flawless Jersey Patch Nike Swoosh RC #RPA-TLA

$28,900 | Not Graded (7/10/2022)

National Treasures RPA /99 RC

$25,900 | PSA 9 sold on 9/4/2022

Prizm Gold Autograph RC #331

$24,500 | PSA 9 sold on 8/6/2022

National Treasures RPA RC #1562021 Eminence NFL Shield Autographs Gold Bar SSP

$16,100 | PSA 10 sold on 7/17/2022

Flawless True Rookie Patch Auto RPA Saphire /10 RC

$14,500 | Not Graded  sold on 8/1/2022

Contenders Optic Red white Blue Prizm /13 RC

$14,400 | PSA 10 sold on 8/14/2022


Long-Term Forecast

Trevor Lawrence is one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL and will eventually develop into a number one over the next few years.

Buyers Rating: 9.89 out of 10

Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, and Trevor Lawrence will be the Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers for the next generation of the NFL fans.

Do we like buying Trevor Lawrence rookie cards? No.

We LOVE his rookie cards and we suggest loading up on as many as you can afford.

Author: Raymond Bryant